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(Update 3 weeks ago)

Islamabad, 04 March: Split in Pakistan Democratic Movement seems final after PML-N and PPP harden their positions.


Pakistan Peoples Party and the Pakistan Muslim League-N are accusing each other of back stabbing and damaging the main opposition alliance.


Both major component of the PDM accused each other of damaging the opposition’s unity with clandestine support of the establishment and sought an explanation over it.


Five PDM component parties met in Islamabad on Saturday in an apparent move to isolate PPP while PPP in its move on Saturday announced postponement of its Central Executive Committee (CEC) meeting convened in Karachi on Monday to discuss the issue of en masse resignations from assemblies.


In a statement, PPP secretary general Nayyar Bokhari said party chairman Bilawal Bhutto-Zardari had postponed the party’s CEC meeting due to the sessions of the two houses of parliament on the day. As the government had convened the Senate session on Monday and the National Assembly was already in session, “most members of the PPP’s CEC would not be able to attend the meeting”, he said.


But observers are terming it a delaying tactic on part of PPP to decide in its top decision making body the issue of resigning from the assemblies in line with the PDM decision. PPP doesn’t seem to be ready to sacrifice its Sindh government which could open doors for PTI led alliance to form government there after by elections.

Main opposition party in the PDM PML-N is insisting on resigning from there assemblies as it has nothing to lose from the move. The other opposition party JUI-F led is in agreement with PML-N along with other smaller regional parties to resign from National and Provincial assemblies to put pressure on the ruling PTI to call snap parliamentary elections. 


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