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(Update 1 week ago)

Prime Minister Scott Morrison became emotional as he read out a list of Australians killed in the war in Afghanistan and announced Australian troops would leave the country by September.

Mr Morrison said the 80 remaining troops would be withdrawn in line with the withdrawal of US troops as announced by President Joe Biden.

More than 39,000 Australians were deployed and 41 of them were killed during the decades-long conflict.

"The loss is great, the sacrifice immense ,the bravery and courage things we can speak of, but not know of personally," Mr Morrison said.

"Many more were wounded, some physically, others mentally and we'll be dealing with the scars, both mental and physical, of their service, for many, many years."

Mr Morrison said the government would continue to support Afghanistan once the troops had left.

"Once again, we stand with them and the complex task of making peace that lies ahead for those people," he said.

"Australia continues to support the negotiations between the Afghan government and the Taliban.

"We encourage both parties to commit to the peace process that so many Australians have died to provide for."


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